SUNLIGHTSQUARE "Thunder In The Jungle" is OUT NOW!
Renowned as an artist with an exceptionally wide musical vision, Sunlightsquare (Claudio Passavanti) is more than just adept and eclectic - be it disco, afro-cuban, latin soul, or house, Sunlightsquare can always be relied on to forge highly individual music that sets itself apart from the crowd.

Thunder In The Jungle (Part 1) is a hugely atmospheric, minimalist slice of percussion driven, contemporary club land exotica. The hypnotic beat, laced with the ambient sounds of the rain-forest is interspersed with waves of synths, vocal ad-libs and that insistent, pulsing beat. The Drum Mix continues these themes, but adds further syncopation, turning up the tropical heat and intensity.

The well renowened DJ/producer Hallex M gets his hands on Thunder In The Jungle, breaking down the groove then building it up to an imposing, brooding crescendo of multi-layered musicality.

Part 2, the final excursion, features further synth extravagance, afrobeat guitar hooks and sweetly rounds off this 4 part foray into Sunlightsquare's musically tropical paradise.
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